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Chamain Hibiscus Tea

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Hibiscus :

Why Shamin? Much of the passion, enthusiasm and dedication behind each bag of tea bags plus wonderful ingredients. Our flavors and differences: By choosing the flavors in the ideal packaging by selecting the ingredients with the desired benefit from all the selection of flavors: All the flavors we have tried from our kitchen where we prepare the best combinations to achieve the best taste with the highest benefit in the ideal packaging: These enemies can be environmental conditions and these enemies can affect the flavor, purity, smell and fragrant of these teas. Our packaging system has a much lower chance of influencing the product. Select ingredients: We choose our products very carefully. We choose the real herb that grows in the best climate. Suitable and collected by hands with the ideal time for picking and choose the section where the components are concentrated that give the effect and taste of the herb in its full form. The benefit of each combination: We examine, study and prepare the formulas in our laboratory to provide the best quality herbs and meet the international specifications, in addition to following the latest global research on the subject of herbs to give you our products the maximum benefit of them.

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