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GlutaBlen By Shaz is a face & body homemade soap suitable for men, women, kids and as well as pregnant lacting mom. The beauty benefits of GlutaBlend Soap is that it helps to whiten skin and dark scars such as around knees, elbows & underarms areas. It is also suitable for those who want to prevent pimples & blemishes as well to tighten pores.

This soap also helps with those who has body odours and insects bites on the skin. Most importantly this soap helps to make the skin healthier.

The ingredients used in making the soap includes calamansi, gluta, aloe vera, tea tree oil, baking soda, honey, goats milk & shea butter.

GlutaBlend Soap comes in a diameter size of apx. 5.5cm / 55mm and thickness of apx. 1.8cm / 18mm.

You may see the result in every use and 100% safe and effective.


1. whiten skin

2. Dark Scars

3. Knees & Elbows

4. Healthy Skin

5. Tighten Skin Pores

6. Anti Body Odor

7. Dark Underarms

8. Insects Bite


1. Wet face & soap bar with luke warm water

2. Rub the wet soap bar directly to skin

3. Massage into skin

4. Rinse off with water and pat dry

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