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Madam Yap Gula Melaka 100% Pure 500g / 1kg

The normal Gula Melaka which uses traditional production method sometimes customers found coconut husks/bees/coconut flesh in which introduced hassle during cooking where one need to melt the Gula Melaka and filter before adding to one’s dessert or dishes. With our Filtered Gula Melaka, there is no need of filter first and cook later because those bits or particles had been removed and at the same time still retain as Pure Gula Melaka. Now you can just simply add them into your dishes or grate the Gula Melaka to be used with your home made coffee, or you can break them with your bare hands, it is that soft! Dishes we’ve tried using Gula Melaka : Braised chicken or duck, Vinegar trotter, Char Siu Desserts that we tried also and recommended by customers : Red bean/Green bean/Pulut hitam soup, Gula Melaka Avocado, Steamed Ubi Kayu with coconut milk and Gula Melaka, Black Forest Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Ondeh-ondeh/Tang Yuan, Ice blended Milk with Gula Melaka topping. ***Please take note: This products already filtered and also don't have coconut husks and bees**** Instructions to use : Apply it naturally and also depends on individuals preferences of cooking styles. Recommendation : 1.Apply for coffee and tea 2.Dessert 3.Vegetable also applicable

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